Your Expectations

"It's not how much I charge by the hour, it's what I bring to the hour" -  Mark Baker

You don't get grey hair without a few successes and a few failures. I have both in my past to help guide you along the path to growing your business. I am a veteran practitioner of marketing with 24 years of ad agency background and 11 years in B2B (business to business) publishing. I have also created an in-house agency model that provides branding techniques, fresh advertising creative, expert media buying, PR, research, data base marketing and social marketing expertise. I have been a pioneer in electronic advertising in B2B marketing. My print ads have continually won awards (every year for 10 years running) for the best top-of-mind brand awareness and my direct marketing campaigns provide measurable response, monitored through data base marketing techniques that I have created and implemented. 


For ten years, I worked as the in-house ad agency for North Safety Products in Canada as their Director of Advertising & PR. North is a global manufacturer of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). In that time, I played a key role in growing the company in Canada from about $35 million to in excess of $140 million!


Branding re-positioning played a big role in the company’s growth, particularly through economic ups and downs, through service difficulties and through increased competitive forces in the marketplace from the Orient. As a result, North was able to sell out to Honeywell for an unprecedented 13 times earnings! That's the value of a Brand!


I worked in advertising sales at MacLean Hunter on Marketing Magazine, after which I was the Business Manager of Executive Magazine at Southam Business Publications. 

While at Southam, I was one of a two-man team that started OHS Canada Magazine (Occupational Health & Safety) – the only paid circulation trade publication in the division of 50+ publications. It was the most successful magazine launch in the history of the company at the time. Later, I also worked for COS Magazine (Canadian Occupational Safety).

In summary

I have studied and received diplomas in marketing, research, advertising, sales skills and management skills, all which provide me with traditional training in the marketing discipline. I use my education and experience to present unique turn key solutions for countless marketing problems, such as; my Spark & Torch program and my Buy or Die program