"Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind." 

— Walter Landor: Legendary branding and design pioneer.

I started MBA in 1997 to work for small and mid-sized companies, writing powerful advertising and PR to build your brand.

If you just need one press release every month or a new ad once a year, I can work by the project. If you want more, I will work by the hour/day/week/month providing you with advertising and PR that will pay off. 

Your goals

I'm sure you want to do advertising & PR on an ongoing basis. Your problem is that you don't have resources to get it done! If your goals relate to any of the items in the list below, please call me directly to discuss your needs.

How can MBA help?

I will write a press release for a product that needs publicity, or I will write a marketing plan for your marketing activities addressing the items listed above. Let me know. 

Measurable Results

Whether you are a small company or large, manufacturer or distributor, retailer or association, I will produce advertising and PR with measurable results. Which areas would you like to attack first? 

Specific Programs

For that shot in the arm to get your company to the next level, we can talk about my Spark & Torch data base marketing program for small business or my Buy or Die sales lead follow up program for companies of all sizes.

Targeted Relationship Marketing